5 Best SERP Checker Tools to Help You Target Your Most Effective Keywords

There are several popular SERP checker tools for effective keyword position tracking. More than ever, SEO professionals can utilize popular tools to track, analyze, and monitor high-traffic keywords relevant to your campaign. Many advanced SERP analysis tools can even help you address and identify causes of traffic drops. Since your search engine rankings have an immense impact on your website’s overall traffic, selecting a reliable SERP checker program is vital to track your results. Before choosing a checker tool, you need to compare all the available options based on price, features, and functionality. With dozens of popular tools on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your business. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of the best SERP checker tools for keyword position tracking.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the best SERP checker tools to use for effective keyword position tracking. Owned by industry pro Neil Patel, Ubersuggest delivers visual, detailed reports on any domain or keyword. The platform will conduct a top SERP page analysis, including estimated monthly visits, total backlinks, and social shares. Of course, these metrics can help you better understand volume, the competition, and seasonal trends for your targeted phrases.

Moreover, the platform allows you to conduct a thorough domain overview and generate new content ideas. If you are searching for a full-service SERP checker tool, Ubersuggest delivers all the integral features to begin tracking keyword position in 2020.

2. Advanced Web Tracking

Another popular SERP checker tool, Advanced Web Tracking tool helps make rank tracking and monitoring simple. The rank tracking tool is part of the greater marketing toolkit, allowing you to additionally conduct SEO reports and analyze competitors. The popular checker tool provides real-time rankings on demand for your desktop, mobile, and local searches. These location-based functions empower you to get in the Google local 3-Pack within top SERPs. You can monitor SERP visibility, ranking opportunities, and your SEO performance over time.

The platform delivers clear reports that highlight keyword position and ranking fluctuations in comparison to your competitors’ performance. If you are interested in a reliable solution to begin tracking keyword position, consider Advanced Web Tracking’s SERP Checker tools.

3. SERPWoo

SERPWoo is a widely used SERP checker tool to help you begin tracking keyword positions. SERPWoo provides deep SERP reports and analytics for your SEO efforts. The platform will track your domain rankings, measure the strength of your URLs, and monitor your competition. Of course, this type of data can help you increase SEO traffic, protect your brand, and find new keyword opportunities. Using these metrics, you can better understand where you rank within the search results in comparison to your competition.

Moreover, the platform lets you conduct keyword research, on-page SEO analyses, and comprehensive reporting. If you are looking for a widely used SERP checker and analysis tool, SERPWoo provides all the key features to begin tracking keyword position.

4. SERPChecker

Developed by Mangools, SERPChecker is an excellent option for monitoring keyword position and discovering unique insights. SERPChecker is part of the greater SEO toolkit created by Magnools, including SERPWatcher, SiteProfiler, KWFinder, and LinkMiner. The tool makes it simple to get local SERP data from more than 50,000 locations. Of course, these metrics can help you understand your ability to outrank your competition. Using this data, you can boost your local SEO, spy on your competitors, and detect critical SERP features.

Plus, you can leverage this information to uncover key SEO metrics and insights. With over 40 advanced SEO tracking metrics and a database of over 30 million SERPs, this checker tool is an excellent option to analyze your site’s position.

5. AccuRanker SERP Checker

AccuRanker’s SERP Checker tool is a reliable program for tracking keyword rank. AccuRanker provides you with real-time, location-based SERP data. The SERP checker tool provides detailed analytics concerning your search rankings. You can monitor rankings of specific URLs, related questions, related questions, and reviews. This incredibly useful to help you find the perfect keywords every time.

If you are searching for more in-depth competitor analytics, rank updates, and keyword analyses, consider purchasing one of AccuRanker’s affordable premium packages. As you search for the best SERP checker tools for effective keyword position tracking, be sure to familiarize yourself with the free program offered by AccuRanker.


There are several popular SERP checker tools to begin using for effective keyword position tracking. Growing your search engine rankings is a reliable method to drive traffic, increase your conversion rate, and establish your online presence. Using this data, you can better understand how your website is ranking, and what it will take to outrank your competitors. Consider the popular programs outlined above to learn about the best SERP checker tools for keyword position tracking.

Author: Performancing